Why Choose SSD Storage Hosting Package instead of HDD Package?

Like a SD Card, there are no moving part in a SSD(Solid State Drive), information and data are stored in the microchip. On the other hand, HDD(Hard Disk Drive) uses an Aluminium disk to store data and a mechanical arm with a read/write head to move around and read information.This difference is what makes SSD 10x faster than HDD.

So, if you use a SSD Hosting Package, your website will load much more faster and it will use less CPU. But note that, SSD is also much more expensive than HDD. But if you want your site faster so that you can give your users a good experience and get good ranking on Google or ther search engine then buying a SSD Pack worth it. But if you have low traffic and a company or person website then you can use a HDD Package.

I hope this article helped you to choose your SSD or HDD Hosting Package. Serf.Host has both SSD and HDD Package. Those two drive is good so you won't be wrong if you choose any one of them.

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